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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Jul 30, 2021

“A lot of your brow appointments are going to be corrections. It’s really important to do corrections properly because we don’t just want a band-aid solution, we want a long-term solution for our clients”. In this episode, @precisepigment goes over the proper procedures for brow corrections and when to include brow removals.

Check it out ;)

And meet Andrea:

"Hey everyone!  I’m Andrea the owner of Precise Pigment.  I specialize in microblading, combo brows and lip blush.  My lip blush became so popular that I developed three lip blush techniques, Bloom Blush, Glam Blush and Balance Blush.  I also have created a scab free aftercare kit for lips and brows which will be available later this year, it’s a game changer!  I think the most enjoyable part of my work is building relationships with my clients that allow me to achieve amazing results".

Check out Andrea on instagram: @precisepigment

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