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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Jan 28, 2021

Are you an artist looking to work with high-profile clients in your area? Well in this podcast episode, Liarna Jessica Yearwood shares her top five tips on how to find and deal with celebrity clients.

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More about Liarna: 

Liarna Jessica Yearwood is based in London, UK. She worked as a Legal Adviser for a...

Jan 27, 2021

Are you a new Artist unsure about how much to charge for your services? Are you an existing Artist who wants to increase your pricing? On today's episode of PMU School, Clara Medina shares financial advice and offers an easy to use method to help you calculate a baseline price for your services!

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Jan 26, 2021

In this podcast episode, Laura Hogan discusses chemical peels and other exfoliating ingredients you need to be aware of prior to doing a PMU procedure on a client and how to spot potential red flags.

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More about Laura: 

Laura is a 20 year beauty industry veteran, becoming a Master...

Jan 25, 2021

In this podcast episode, Latoya Britt shares with you 5 tips that'll help you connect better with your beauty clients.

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More about Latyoa: 

Latoya Britt is the owner of SkynATL, a permanent makeup studio located in Atlanta, GA. They specialize in stretch mark and scar camouflage. Relatively new to permanent make...

Jan 22, 2021

In this podcast episode, Rachel Scalise shares her experience with self-tattooing and the biggest tips you'd need to know if you were looking to do it too!

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More about Rachel: 

My name is Rachel and I am the owner of Powder & Ink Permanent Cosmetics in Hazleton, Pennsylvania USA. I have been a permanent makeup...