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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

May 27, 2020

Sales is more than just selling. To be truly effective at sales, you have to be a good storyteller – connecting, and guiding your audience through a story that helps them understand that your product, your service, is the solution to their problems. But how? On today’s episode of PMU School, @streetsays shares 5 tips for stories that sell. Think you’re not a good storyteller? Think again!

Alex is a Speaker Coach and storyteller, here to create moments that shape our world. As the son of a world renowned photographer and a stage actress who each risked it all to pursue their dreams, he has been a Youth Worker, Actor, and Public Speaker for almost two decades. His specialized blend of story, structure, and next steps has left audiences of all generations transformed and event organizers consistently inviting Alex to return as a speaker. Recently, Alex launched the Make Speaking Magical online video course, providing struggling and scared speakers all the tools they need to become confident communicators. Alex lives in Stouffville, Ontario as a husband to Karen and dad to three Gen Z kids. 
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