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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

May 21, 2020

Foxy Liner is a unique technique that blends three to four colors to achieve a beautiful powdery look, dark to light eyeliner transition on the eyes. On today's episode, creator, Kristina Melnicenco @5starbrows shares her top 3 tips based on questions most frequently asked by her students and fellow Artists. 

Kristina is passionate about empowering women and was motivated to become a permanent makeup artist because she wanted to help change women’s lives. She has knowledge of fundamental as well as advanced course completion in the states and abroad. To date, she has trained thousands of students in the States and abroad.

Kristina has recently collaborated with Permablend to create Starline Collection, an eyeliner specific pigment line. She is also getting ready to launch Ohana Apparel for beauty professionals. Kristina currently travels and speaks at conferences around the world, teaching her unique style of permanent makeup techniques, including Foxy Brows, Foxy Liner & Aquarell Lip Technique.

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