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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Apr 28, 2020

Are you making the most of your Social Media accounts? Unsure about the kind of content that draws in new clients AND keeps current ones interested? @authenticallysofie offers expert advice about what, when and how to post engaging content. 

Sofie is a millenial life and business coach, content creator and what many call a "social media guru". She started as a freelancer helping a friends with her business in the online space and found that she loved it. Soon after, she became certified in social media strategies for small businesses and started working as a SMM (social media manager). She quickly realized that people actually want to know how to do it themselves. She began teaching and also continued her own education, acquiring certificates in life coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

She prides herself on giving a real, authentic approach to everything entrepreneurship and social media. 

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