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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Jan 5, 2022

Have you ever ran into this scenario? You've done a clients brows, but despite great color selection she can't hold onto the pigment, and/or she turns grey.  This is a common issue in the beauty industry and in today's episode @unionbeautylab discusses ways to treat this problem also known as Amenia. 

Tune in!

Meet Bianca:

Bianca Elise is the owner and founder of Union Beauty Lab and Union Beauty school, a five-star Bespoke PMU Studio and Training Academy in Dallas, Fort Worth. 

Her journey started over 20 years ago as a freelance graphic designer and fine art portrait painter. Desiring a more stable financial future, she pursued a medical career. 

She soon pivoted once she discovered PMU and the opportunity to use both her artistic and medical training.

Along with her six-year career in PMU, Bianca has gained extensive experience in running a successful Studio, and most importantly, the personal relationships that keep businesses growing and thriving. 

Warm, patient, and kind, Bianca is motivated to teach women how to pivot from their 9-5 to a 6 figure income in PMU in less than two years!

DM and find her on Instagram: @@UnionBeautyLab