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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Sep 24, 2020

Mistakes happen. You may be newer in the industry or you might have a client that has had previous SMP done elsewhere. What’s your best plan of action? Should you attempt camouflage or is your client’s best option removal? And if you and your client decide on removal, which types should you recommend? @bald2bold shares the most common causes for bad SMP, explains why you might encounter these issues and guides you towards your next steps. All of this on today’s episode of PMU School.

The founder and owner of International Hairlines, Seif has quickly become one of the most recognized and well-respected international SMP artists and trainers. A consummate perfectionist, his innate attention to detail, combined with his passion for helping people feel their best has helped him produce some outstanding scalp micropigmentation work on clients from all walks of life and of different backgrounds. While with Scalp Aesthetics in past years as a beginner, Seif received awards for the artist who produces the “Best Natural Hairline” as well as the “Best Business” award, and in the process has become one of the busiest and most successful artists in the world. He has since been awarded as “Best International Practitioner” at the Scalp Guru awards in 2018 and for “Excellence in Education” at the International Permanent Cosmetics Show in 2019.
He also runs his training academy (International Hairlines Academy) and also occasionally treats some clients, more specifically those who need SMP repair work, Alopecia patients and other certain challenges. He is one of the most sought-after artists for repairing bad SMP procedures. He is now concentrating on training, mentoring, and helping other artists develop the skills necessary to make it in this industry. Seif is in charge of mentoring the locations in South Florida, North Carolina as well as Cairo, Egypt, from where he originates.
Seif strongly believes in continuous education and training, and that is why he is constantly studying and learning how to further improve the craft of SMP, for himself and for his students and mentees. He is dedicated to doing his part in ensuring this industry maintains very high standards and not succumb to unscrupulous people taking advantage of the lack of regulation, and of potential clients in the process, thereby tarnishing what others have worked so hard to accomplish.
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