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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Nov 27, 2019

When we talk about areola tattooing, many times we are referring to nipple reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer survivors. However, there are many other situations where a client might choose to have their breast/s tattooed for aesthetic reasons. In this episode, Sylwia Dobrowolska and Sylwia Nawrot of @amazink_areola go into further detail about their experience with these types of cases. 

Sylwia Dobrowolska is Co-creator of the most recognized and valued breast pigmentation techniques in the world called "amazink areola" and "scarINK". Co-owner of the Micropigmentation Art And Science Institute in Poland since 2015. As Co-founder of the "Every nipple counts" initiative, she has participated in over 30 international and national conferences. Her extensive experience in the subject of breast pigmentation resulted in the publication of the world's first illustrative book entitled Amazink Areola.  

Sylwia Nawrot has her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences in the field of Cosmetology. She has been an academic teacher at the Poznań University of Medical Sciences in Poland since 2005. Co-creator of  "amazink areola" and "scarINK" and many educational programs, author of many publications and books about cosmetology and dermatology. She has visited more than 30 countries sharing the subject of breast pigmentation. Co - author of Amazink Areola Medical Pigmentation book that discusses the topic of medical areola tattooing. It serves as a textbook which provides guidelines for medical breast pigmentation 

Sylwia and Sylwia have trained more less 700+ medical pigmentation specialists around the world and about 1000 cosmetologists and make-up artists.

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