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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Feb 28, 2020

The subject of how to care for a client’s permanent makeup during the healing process can be confusing. Should you recommend dry healing or wet? Should you provide your client with an aftercare product? If so, which kind? What about washing the area? Tina Davies @tinadavies shares her personal approach to aftercare using practical examples.

Tina Davies is a permanent make-up artist, inventor, product designer, wife, and mom from Toronto, Canada. 
She is the creator of the world's first fully disposable Microblade and the beloved I ❤️INK pigment line along with a host cult favorite PMU supplies and accessories. 
During her career, she has completed over 15,000 permanent make-up procedures and was one of the first artists to bring microblading to North America.  Her passion is product design and sharing her techniques and insights to help her fellow artists improve their art. 
Follow Tina as she brings her next inventions to the PMU world! @tinadavies @tinadaviesprofessional