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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Dec 28, 2020

Is the pandemic getting the best of you? Do you feel like giving up? This year has been tremendously difficult for so many within the permanent makeup industry but @beauty2brows encourages you not to give up hope. On today’s episode of PMU School she explains how finding gratitude has made all the difference  in her business this year and encourages those in a similar situation to do the same. Get ready to be inspired!

Julie Laflamme is the owner of beauty 2 brows and beauty 2 brows education located in Canada 🇨🇦 Edmonton Alberta to be exact. She has 10 years experience in the beauty industry and 5 years in cosmetic tattoo. She opened the first indigenous beauty academy of the world during the pandemic, and didn’t stop there. She created an all beauty-cosmetic tattoo online learning platform in locked down. From her own Pmu machines/ to her own branded kits. Beauty 2 brows became so much more, then just a brow shop. Once Julie started her education, she was able to take her knowledge over the years and implement the most useful information for her students. The key is to set her students up for success. 2021 is going to be the year for transformation in all aspects of business & building a solid foundation for her academy. Julie has trained classes of 4-6 students and offers private training as well for each course she offers. She actually trained her husband in scalp micro pigmentation- teeth whitening and men’s grooming- expanding there menu-clientele and creating a Great team dynamic between the men and women. Beauty 2 brows is really All things beauty, where we build the  
confidence with in our students, so they can be successful in the beauty world, with continued support. 

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