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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Nov 25, 2020

Are you ready to open up your own PMU Studio? This process can be exciting, overwhelming and at times, a little lonely. In some cases, even experienced Artists find themselves starting out from scratch, without the support, clientele and supplies they are used to. @uniquebrowdesign was in this exact situation just 6 months ago and on today’s episode of PMU School, she shares how she went from carrying her supplies in a trash bag to bringing in over 250 new clients.

Jessica is the owner of Unique Brow Design, a permanent make up studio in the heart of East Texas. She is a self-made business owner who studied from childhood to adulthood in fine art, digital media, performance art, and now fully dedicated to the beauty of permanent makeup. Weeks prior to the global shut downs in 2020, she took her three years of PMU working experience and made the move from contractor to starting her own business and raking in over 50 new clients. As businesses reopened, her clientele and business grew, she went from a 10 by 10 room to a 900 sqft store front in less than 6 months. Jessica is proof that even in hard times your will to succeed can be stronger than anything. Through her years of personal and professional experience in this industry, she now believes that permanent makeup empowers the client, and creates a beautiful bond for the artist and their art. Unique Brow Design is more than a studio, it is a place where new artists can take a step in the right direction through apprenticeship, one on one guidance, and mentorship. This Academy is about empowering women to empower other women. Jessica is excited to keep sharing her journey to inspire others. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @uniquebrowdesign.