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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Feb 4, 2022

Boost your business with a greater online presence. In today's episode, @glenrosenberg shares the top four elements of an online presence which includes things such as social media and your website. By harnessing the right online tools in an effective way, you can really help the spread of your business.

Tune in!

Meet Glen: 

Before building BeautyPro Prime, Glen Rosenberg, along with his partner Kler, built the #1 PhiAcademy in the world, and in 2019 launched Beauty Angels Academy, a widely recognized, international permanent makeup training academy and product brand with more than 100 trainers and 5,000+ students all over the world.  

With his unique industry perspective and marketing skills, Glen personally helped many dozens of artists to achieve a 6 figure income from their careers in permanent makeup, helped many to build profitable training businesses, and created the “6 Digit Club” to recognize these exceptional artists.  

After all this experience, Glen created a formula to help PMU artists achieve quick success based on building an attractive and compelling online presence that rapidly establishes trust and confidence.

 Glen built BeautyPro Prime, a marketing and website development agency that helps to implement this formula for artists. The agency has built more than 350 websites for PMU artists, including many well-known top trainers. BeautyPro Prime also provides SEO services and guidance to help artists rank at the top of search results and grow their PMU services and training businesses fast!

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