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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Jan 31, 2022

"Every client is their own person, their own individual personal person, and we need to cater to that person on our table". In today's episode, @vandiosabeauty discusses the importance of versatility when treating clients to different color combinations and technqiues in order to insure that their treatment best fits them.

Tune in!

Claudia Aceves is owner & artist at Vanidosa Beauty Studios is San Antonio, TX & Oxnard, CA. She has been in the pmu industry for 7 years and loves every facet of the industry.
Her mission now is to train the next generation of permanent makeup artist. By teaching not only her techniques but also imposing the mind set of dedication, perseverance and never settling on mediocrity.

Claudia has also taken to spread her message online and now has students in every state of the US.
She has created a brand and name in the industry, that for the forceable future, will continue a legacy of quality and high standards.

Follow Claudia on Instagram: @vanidosabeauty