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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Sep 25, 2020

You’ve got clients tomorrow. Students coming in over the weekend. Business calls to make. And you’re dreading every minute of it. You don’t want to do anything because you’ve been pushing yourself so hard and you’re just BURNED OUT. Emotional burnout, creative burnout, it happens to the best PMU Artists. Even Masters like @anna_marastudio. On today's episode she shares how she works through this occupational phenomenon and how you can too. 

Anna Bokhan is an instructor and co-founder of Mara Cosmetic Tattoo Studio & Academy.

She has developed her own training programs, whereby specialists can improve their skills and qualifications in different techniques, or receive basic Fundamentals training and have a fresh start with a new career.

In order to teach others, you need a lot of experience, statistics, mistakes and their overthinking and of course, an understanding of equipment.

The time to become a professional has been greatly reduced.

Today, after completing the basic PMU education course, Anna's students are doing what she was doing after 3 years of practical experience and that is truly magic. The magic of hard work.

Anna came to this industry not by chance. She really wanted to be here and create something NEW – modern way of permanent makeup. And first and foremost, she has always been a permanent makeup artist.

Her vision is to create natural enhancements, yet make people feel confident with just being themselves.

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