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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Dec 7, 2021

Working with family can come with all sorts of joy and blessings. At the same time however, it can also bring some struggles and tension. With that, working with family can sometimes be a fine line that must be carefully navigated. In this episode, @premierbeautysa talks about her own experience working with family and offers advice on how to do it.

Tune in! 

Meet Bertha:

"My name is Bertha Leonard, I am the owner of Capri Academy and Clinic and a Internationally certified, master trainer for Premier Beauty Academy. I have been in the industry since 2005, following in my mother’s footsteps. After matriculating in 2007 I was already a qualified nail technician and had already built a clientele so was able to start exploring the industry and further my beauty education. I was offered an opportunity to train for a nail company who’s products we were using at the time and then started teaching which is something that comes naturally to me. I know that this sounds cliché, but its true, so Im going to say it anyway. I love sharing my knowledge & experience with others, I love helping others discover their talents and watch them become business owners and boss babes. There is nothing more rewarding than helping woman see their worth, discover their abilities, master their talents and in that way, helping to empower them".

Check out Bertha on instagram: @premierbeautysa