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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Jul 16, 2020

If you tested positive for COVID-19 today what’s the first thing you would do? Would you feel unprepared? How soon would you notify your clients? How far ahead would you reschedule upcoming appointments? If you think this couldn’t happen to you, you’re wrong. It happened to @michelleruknypmu and on today’s episode she shares her experience from both a personal and professional perspective.

Michelle Rukny, a certified PMU artist, is the founder and coordinator for Houston Beauty Conference, conducting all research, organization and planning to put the three-day permanent makeup (PMU) event together. Her duties include carefully hand-selecting the instructors, or “Masters,” at the conference, managing social media marketing efforts, communicating with Houston Beauty Conference’s audience and the overseeing the creative and functional direction of the overall presentation of the event.

Rukny was inspired to join the field and after her mother lost her eyebrows due to a thyroid issue. As the microblading trend began, Rukny witnessed a news anchor receiving a treatment live and became fascinated by the artistry involved in each stroke. What started out as an opportunity to help her mother quickly became a vehicle to satisfy her creative passion. Rukny particularly enjoys connecting with other women from various backgrounds and sees the potential in PMU for great art that changes lives. 

Rukny holds several certifications including Stardust Eyeliner, Lip Shading, Powder Eyebrow, Lift Saline Removal, Areola, Machine Stroke Brows, Extreme Microblading and Sandy Brows. She has worked as a PMU artist as well as the head trainer at Luxury Lifestyle PMU. 

She is an active member of PMU Sisterhood and PMU World Beauty Group. In her spare time, Rukny enjoys volunteering at the Montgomery County Food Bank, spending time with her son and husband and writing music. She has a passion for all things beauty and design including fashion and home renovation.