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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

Jul 26, 2021

Social media is such a powerful tool for increasing your business outreach and sales! With that said, it's important that all aspects of your social media pages are looking clean and professional. In today's episode, @thebrowbabe.charee shares her top tips on how to improve your photography skills and output on social media, which includes things like paying attention to the image quality of your photos and understanding how to light your photos.

Tune in!

Meet Chare'e:

Chare'e Marniece @thebrowbabe.charee brings a infectious passion and energy to everything she does. In addition to being a rising PMU artist, and industry influencer, Chare'e is also a very talented professional photographer.

Saddened by seeing so many awful pictures of otherwise great work on her social media feeds, Chare'e saw and felt a desperate need for photography education. She saw an opportunity to educate beauty professionals across all industries on how to take beautiful pictures of their clients and profile their work in a more professional light.

Chare'e launched the very first comprehensive online beauty photography course which has received rave reviews. Charee’s intelligence and sense of humour has delighted everyone who has taken her course, where she shares all her best secrets and tips turning EVERYONE into incredible photo takers! She has made taking professional photos fun and approachable and the results from her students speak for themselves!

And find Chare'e on instagram: @thebrowbabe.charee

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