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PMU School: A Podcast For Artists by Artists

May 28, 2020

One of the areas many Artists struggle with is how to choose the appropriate needle configuration. To attain the best results possible, there are many factors to consider, including client skin type. Thick or oily skin can be especially challenging to work with. This type of skin can be more sensitive and may bleed more, making needle choice all the more important. On today’s episode, Jill Hoyer and Rose Prieto discuss which needle choice is best (and which to avoid) for thick and oily skin.

Located in Northern CA, Jill’s quest for knowledge and determination has led to a successful career in permanent cosmetics (since 2003); both as an artist and educator. Committed to the craft, Jill develops her own techniques and focuses on ever changing tattoo needle configurations available to our industry. She devotes a great deal of her time to researching, analyzing and studying needles which is evident in her knowledge and understanding of the variety of tattoo needles available. 

Jill Höyer’s needle expertise has led her to be founder of one of the first online PMU needle courses, Inside Needle Knowledge I.N.K., which has given PMU artists worldwide tattoo needle education that is often left out of fundamental training. She solely does permanent makeup and medical tattooing at her studio Timeless Skin Spa in Los Gatos, CA.

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Rose Prieto, CPCP, CCE, LE is the owner of Beauty & Brow Lounge in Miami Florida. She has over 28 years as a makeup and eyebrow artist, and 10 years as a Cosmetic Tattoo artist and Electrologist. Rose is passionate about the Permanent Makeup industry and has dedicated her career to empowering and educating PMU artists! Her new book about how Fitzpatrick & Melanin influence the PMU process is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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